Operating Hours

Our gaming platform runs 24/7. Click below to view our processing times and start playing now!

Deposit Procedure

Payout Procedure

Who may participate?

Participation is exclusively offered to South African residents.

Payout Procedure

Find below our withdrawals and payouts processing times!

Withdrawal Day Payout Time/Day
Monday 24-Hours
Tuesday 24-Hours
Wednesday 24-Hours
Thursday 24-Hours
Friday 24-Hours
Saturday Monday
Sunday Monday

When do I receive my payout?
You will be notified by email once your payout has been processed. The funds will reflect in your bank account within 2 business days after the payout has been processed.

How do I submit my banking details?

You can submit your banking details by clicking here

Where do I find my PIN?

You can view your Riversweeps PIN by clicking here

How do I redeem a voucher code?

You will see an option to redeem your vouchers when you make a deposit order.

1. Start with a deposit order and checkout

2. Click on the voucher code

3. Click on "Add" to apply the voucher

4. Complete your deposit order

If a voucher code is not displayed in your cart but you know what the voucher code is, then type or copy and paste it into the "Code" section and then proceed to step 3.

You can view all your vouchers in the Vouchers section of your user account.

Deposit Procedure

Find below our payment methods and deposit processing times!

Instant EFT
The deposit is processed immediately after payment has been made.

RCS Store Cards
The deposit is processed immediately after payment has been made.

Manual EFT
The deposit is processed after payment has been reviewed by our team, daily between 10am and 10pm. Please notify our team once payment has been made by clicking on the CONFIRM PAYMENT button on the order page as shown in this video.

The deposit is processed immediately after payment has been confirmed on the blockchain as long as the correct amount was received within 1 hour. Underpaid or delayed payments will be reviewed by our team before being processed.

New deposit order

You can place a new deposit order at any time but your account balance must be less than R10.00

User account limit

Please read the below conditions carefully as they will be enforced on users that do not abide by the account limits set herein.

1. Only one account per user is allowed

2. Creating multiple accounts will result in account closure

3. A user can only have one verified account and payouts will only be made to that account

4. A verified account means that the user's details (ID number, banking..) have been verified

5. A user's ID number will be linked to and locked to the original account that was verified

6. The same ID number will not be used to verify more than one account

7. Users that registered with false, fake or incorrect details, will not pass KYC Verification and will not have their accounts verified

8. The user's details cannot be changed once registered meaning that the ID document provided during KYC must match the registered details (name, surname etc..)

9. Users that fail KYC Verification will have their accounts closed, no exceptions!

10. Withdrawal orders for accounts that have not passed KYC Verification (for any reason deemed by us including but not limited to abusive behavior), will forfeit all winnings and will receive no payouts!

By playing Riversweeps, you unconditionally accept the above terms and understand that there will be no exceptions!

Region based promo and bonus limitations

All promotions and bonuses offered via the Riversweeps app notification system, are exclusively offered to US players (USD). These offers will not be available to players in South Africa (ZAR) or Europe (EUR).

South African players that deposit through our official website www.riversweeps.co.za will be eligible to receive Riversweeps Reward Points, Cash-Backs and other Promos & Bonuses. These are exclusively offered via our official social media pages, Telegram, WhatsApp and our Web Push notifications.

Cooling-off period

Take a break!

Take a break and request up to 30 days cooling-off period by clicking here

How do I update my email or mobile number?

Send an email to support@riversweeps.co.za and request that your email address or mobile number be updated.

Your email must be sent from the same email address that you registered with. If this is not possible, then please send your request by Telegram or WhatsApp in which case you must contact us with the same number that you registered with.

If you no longer have access to your old email address and mobile number, then please make a short selfie video clearly showing your face and holding your ID and send it to us on Telegram or WhatsApp. In the video, you must mention your full name, the date and your request for example; "please update my mobile number from (your old number) to (your new number)".

*Please note that your account must be verified prior to sending a video and requesting an account update by video. Please view your KYC Status here and if needed, please submit your KYC here to get verified.

Warning!  Scammers, Fake App, "Resellers"..

It has come to our attention that scammers and fraudsters are using the Riversweeps name to scam players by not paying their winnings and/or by offering a copy/pirated version of the Riversweeps app. The fake version looks identical to the real app but has been manipulated to cheat the player and does not conform by strict regulation or offer the expected RTP% (Return to Player).

Riversweeps Gaming SA does not have resellers that work for or represent us. Anyone claiming that they do is not telling the truth and is likely a scammer. Please be careful!

If your credits are not instantly loaded when you pay and you need to ask "someone" to load your credits or, if you need to tell "someone" that you'd like to withdraw your winnings, then you are not dealing with the official Riversweeps SA Gaming company as both these operations are automated via our website and do not require human intervention. Your credits will load automatically when you make a deposit on our website, there is no waiting period (24/7/365).

Another point to note is that you will receive Riversweeps Reward Points each time you make a deposit or when it's your birthday (for verified accounts only). If this is not the case, then you are not dealing directly with us and likely dealing with a scammer. You can view your Reward Points here.

To play the original Riversweeps games from Riversweeps Gaming SA, you must register and deposit via our official website (www.riversweeps.co.za). We do not use Facebook, email, phone calls, Telegram or WhatsApp for receiving deposits or withdrawals requests.

Our official social media pages (FacebookTelegram, YouTube) are available on our website and we do offer chat via Telegram and WhatsApp but only for support related purposes. Please do not deal with anyone on Telegram or WhatsApp claiming to represent Riversweeps.co.za unless through our official number; +27761333903

Unfortunately we cannot assist if you've been scammed by someone that you paid outside of our official website. Players that register through our official website have their Riversweeps PIN saved in their user account which can be viewed here. If your Riversweeps PIN is different, then delete your PIN and stop dealing with the person that gave it to you and instead, register on our website and use the official PIN that you'll receive in your user account. We also suggest deleting the Riversweeps app on your device and download the official (and real) app from our homepage.

Is there a maximum withdrawal & payout?

Yes and no, it depends on how you won as explained below;

Winnings from Paid Deposit
There is no withdrawal or payout limit if you paid for your deposit using one of our payment methods and/or in combination with deposit reward points that you earned and accumulated.

Winnings from Birthday Points
If your winnings are from a deposit that you paid with using the birthday points that you received, then the maximum withdrawal and payout amount is 5x the birthday points that you received. For example, if you received 25 points for your birthday (worth R25), then you may withdraw up to R125 (5 x R25 = R125).
In the above case, please ensure that all funds are withdrawn from your balance and that your withdrawal order is not more than the maximum applicable payout amount.

Winnings from Welcome Bonus
If your winnings are from a Welcome Bonus, then the maximum withdrawal and payout amount is 5x the bonus amount that you received. For example, if you received R100, then your payout is capped at R500 (5 x R100 = R500).

Welcome Bonus Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the current Welcome Bonus

Deposit Requirement
Your first deposit must be between R50.00 and R500 and the bonus only applies to the first deposit.

Bonus Offered
The bonus will be 100% of the 1st deposit. For example, the player will receive R100 as a Welcome Bonus if the first paid deposit was R100

Bonus Awarded

The bonus will be awarded after the player's account has been verified (check here). At this point, the player must either have played out the balance or withdrawn the winnings from the first deposit.

Wager Conditions

The current wager condition is x30 which means that the player needs to bet 30 times the bonus amount received before being able to withdraw winnings. For example, if the player received a R100 bonus, then the wager conditions will be R3,000 (30x R100 = R3,000).

Withdraw Conditions
The player must contact us and ask that we verify if the wager conditions have been met by replying to the email that confirmed that the bonus was awarded and included the minimum wager amount. We will reply with the wager status and the player may request a withdrawal if the wager conditions have been met.

Time Limit

A time limit to play the Welcome Bonus of 7 days applies. Unused credits will be cleared thereafter regardless if the wager conditions were met.

Maximum Payout
The maximum payout is capped at x5 the bonus amount awarded. For example, if the bonus received was R500 then the maximum payout is R2,500 (5x R500 = R2,500).

Technical Malfunction

In the event of a technical malfunction, all pays and plays will be voided. This includes any winnings, bets, or bonuses generated during the affected session. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you that our technical team is continuously working to ensure a seamless gaming experience for our players. Should you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support team for assistance.